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Description[edit source | hide | hide all]

This template is responsible for the CryptomonKeys pages and contains logic for string rarity, generation and string formatting. This template page also passes data to the CryptomonKey Infobox template.

Syntax[edit source | hide]

To use this infobox you need to follow this syntax. The order of the variables don't matter.

{{CryptomonKey page
  | name          = Name of the card.
  | card_number   = Numeric number of the card.
  | creator       = The card creator, if more than one use a comma separated list.
  | description   = The card's description.
  | BAN_address   = The Banano address on the back of the card
  | quantity      = The max amount of mints for the card
  | release_date  = Card's release date in ISO-8601 format (year-month-day).
  | previous_card = Name of the previous card.
  | next_card     = Name of the next card.

Dependencies[edit source | hide]

TemplateData[edit source | hide]

CryptomonKeys page template.

Template parameters

Card namename

The name of the CryptomonKey card.

Front imageimage

The file link for the front of the CryptomonKey card.

Card numbercard_number

The cards card number.


The creator or creators of the card.

Card descriptiondescription

The description for the card.

Max mintsquantity max_mints

The max amount of mints the card can have.

Banano addressBAN_address

The Banano address for the card.

Release daterelease_date

The release date of the card.

Previous cardprevious_card

The previous card in the CryptomonKeys series.

Page namesuggested
Next cardnext_card

The next card in the CryptomonKeys series.

Page namesuggested

no description


Samples[edit source | hide]

{{CryptomonKey page
  | name          = Example Name
  | image         = Banano Logo.png
  | creator       = Example
  | BAN_address   = ban_1burnbabyburndiscoinferno111111111111111111111111111aj49sw3w
  | card_number   = Example
  | quantity      = Example
  | release_date  = Example
  | previous_card = Example
  | next_card     = Example

generates the following page. Lua error in Module:Mbox at line 27: attempt to index global 'Mbox' (a nil value).

Example is the #Example card and is part of the ERROR of cards in the CryptomonKeys series. Example was released in Example and is a ERROR card with a maximum of Example mints. This card was created by Example.

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