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Description[edit source | hide | hide all]

This template is responsible for the CryptomonKeys infobox and contains logic for rarity and to format content into navigable links.

Syntax[edit source | hide]

To use this infobox you need to follow this syntax. The order of the variables don't matter.
{{CryptomonKey|name = <Name of the card.>|card_number = <Numeric number of the card.>|creator = <The cards creator, if more than one use a comma separated list.>|description = <The cards description.>|BAN_address = <The Banano address on the back of the card.>|quantity = <The max amount of mints for the card.>|release_date = <The cards release date in ISO 8601 format (year-month-day).>|previous_card = <The name of the previous card.>|next_card = <The name of the next card.>}}

TemplateData[edit source | hide]

Template for CryptomonKeys Infobox.

Template parameters

This template prefers block formatting of parameters.

Card namename

The name of the CryptomonKey card.

Front imageimage

The file link for the front of the CryptomonKey card.

Card numbercard_number

The card's card number.


The creator(s) of the card.

Card Descriptiondescription

The description for the card.

Max mintsquantity max_mints

The max amount of mints the card can have.

Banano AddressBAN_address

The Banano address for the card.

Release daterelease_date

The release date of the card.

Previous cardprevious_card

The previous card in the CryptomonKeys series.

Page namesuggested
Next cardnext_card

The next card in the CryptomonKeys series.

Page namesuggested

no description


Examples[edit source | hide]

  | name=Example
  | image=Banano Logo.png
  | creator=Example
  | BAN_address=ban_1burnbabyburndiscoinferno111111111111111111111111111aj49sw3w
  | card_number=Example
  | quantity=Example
  | release_date=Example
  | previous_card=Example
  | next_card=Example

generates the infobox to the right.

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