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Banano's social medias are where important news is shared, events take place, and fellow monkeys can communicate with each other. The social medias are also used to continue the fair distribution of Banano through our tipbots. Banano currently has 4 prominent social medias including Discord, Subreddit, Twitter, and Telegram.

Discord:[edit | edit source | hide]

Banano's discord is the biggest of all social medias with over 9000 members! The Discord host most of the community events such as Volcano, Bingo, Block party's, and many other events. The Discord also contains a plethora of technical help recourses for Banano Miner, BoomPoW, and any technical question that comes to your mind. The discord contains a unique citizenship system which insures Banano ends up in the hands of real people and not robots. Banano's discord is home to the Discord Tipbot which allows users to easy send and receive tips from other users.

The discord can be found at

Reddit:[edit | edit source | hide]

Banano's subreddit, r/banano is Banano's second biggest community with home to over 28k monkeys. On the subreddit, users are free to post memes, ask Banano related questions, and share news about Banano. The subreddit is home to Reddit Tipbot which can be used to send banano to users on many different subreddits. It is also required to have at least 1 comment on r/banano to use the Reddit BananoFaucet.

The subreddit can be found at

Twitter:[edit | edit source | hide]

Banano's twitter is a place for the official Banano team to host giveaways and give announcements. It is also a place to show off the Twitter Tipbot.

The twitter account can be found at

Telegram:[edit | edit source | hide]

Banano's telegram is yet another place for monkeys to communicate with eachother. What would be a Banano social media without a way to send banano to fellow monkeys? Telegram Tipbot has you covered.

The telegram can be found at

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