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Lua error in Module:Mbox at line 27: attempt to index global 'Mbox' (a nil value). Representatives are nodes that validate and vote on transactions on the network since Banano and Nano use Open Representative Voting (ORV) consensus mechanism.[1][2]

Changing representative[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

A account will automatically delegates to a default representative set by the wallet. For example, Kalium's default representative is Kalium while it can be Genesis representative on Vault.

Kalium[edit | edit source | hide]

Step 1: Tap on gear icon

Step 2: Click "Change Representative"

Step 3: Pick a representative from a list of manually insert one

Vault[edit | edit source | hide]

Step 1: Click on "Settings"

Step 2: Choose "Representatives"

Step 3: Choose the account needs to change representative

Step 4: Enter representative address

Step 5: Click update button

  • Note: Your Vault wallet must be unlocked in order to change representative.

Video guide[edit | edit source | hide]

Banano Rep change JungleTV
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