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A faucet is a application or website that distributes small amount of Banano as a reward for solving a task. Most of the time this is a relatively simple task like solving a captcha but there are other instances where they require more work like Banano Miner or BoomPoW to receive Banano. Crypto faucets are called faucets cause they drip a small amount of cryptocurrency, or in this case Banano, to it's users similarity to a leaky water faucet slowly dripping water.

Official faucets[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

As Banano is built around free distribution there are several official faucets that are run by or directly sponsored by Banano team. The official faucets are these:

Unofficial faucets[edit | edit source | hide]

There are also several community run and faucets, some of these are funded by the community itself and some receive funding partially or in full by the Banano Team. Some of the more common ones are:[1]

For a full list of all active faucets go Active Faucets and if you want a list of all Banano faucets, both active and inactive, go to Faucets.

Types[edit | edit source | hide]

Distribution faucet[edit | edit source | hide]

The faucet is sponsored by Banano developers.

Community faucet[edit | edit source | hide]

The faucet is powered by community funding.

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